Organic Coconut Oil

Specialities :

The Coconut copra are sourced from farmers, doing organic farming.
One Litre of our extra virgin oil = 2.5 litres of refined oil by use(approx).
Saturated fats not only increase the healthy cholesterol (High density lipo protein
HDL), in your body but also helps to control LDL ( Low density lipo protein ) level.
This organic oil is extracted without the use of any substance or methods, which alter
the composition of organic oil and it is extracted through mechanical method using
wooden expeller.
The oil isn't heated during manufacturing process, thus it retains the organic flavour,
helathy antioxidants and all vital nutrients.
Made from sun dried Copra and free from sulphur.
No hybrid or GMP - genetically modified varieties.
100% solar sedimentation.
Healthy choice for cooking.
Usage for hair and skin care.
Best for oil pulling therapy.
Free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, paraffin, refining chemicals
and argemone oil etc.