About Us

About Us

Shri Govardhanam Exports was founded by a successful Indian civil Engineer, Mr. S. Rajendran who has 40 years experience in Engineering. In addition to his technical knowledge in engineering field , he has passion in agriculture also, which he has from his childhood , as he is basically from a farmers family. About 20 years before , he started to balance working for both Engineering and organic farming. So, He learned the organic farming methodologies from authentic sources , experienced it and adopted many techniques in his own organic farm and got organic certification also.

He also gave training to do the same, for local farmers not only for his organisational growth , but for the betterment of the society in totality.During his farming experience he founded the fact that , inspite of having lot of farmers interested in organic farming , there is a challenge to market the organic products. Hence, he started this Shri Govardhanam Exports in 2017 , where he markets the products from his own farm and other closely monitored network of organic farming communities across India , to supply quality organic products with adequate price across the globe So In a way , this organisation paved a way to take care of both regional and international people’s health and well being , which is the greatest wealth and the need of the day .

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